"Iribhoni" will be released on fxhash on January 19, 2021. This is my second piece on the platform. The number of editions and price will be announced on the day of release. This work is the continuation of a series of visual explorations using generative techniques (p5.js). Below is a short description of the creation process.

The piece is set on an 8x8 grid.

On each of the 64 tiles, 100 to 200 horizontally and vertically transposed lines are drawn. The lines leave the source tile and overlap with neighboring lines.

A slight rotation is applied incrementally to the lines of each tile.

The position of the lines is then modulated by the noise() function.

var x1 = tile_size * noise(xoff + 1);
var y1 = tile_size * noise(xoff + 2);
var x2 = tile_size * noise(xoff + 3);
var y2 = tile_size * noise(xoff + 4);

The color of the lines is also modulated by the noise() function. The whole color spectrum is allowed.

stroke(255 * noise(xoff + 1),255 * noise(xoff + 2),255 * noise(xoff + 3));

In this step the number of lines per tile was increased from 100 to 200. Finally, the grid is resized and elements are repositioned in order to improve the optical alignment in the canvas.

To create variations the main properties manipulated were: number of lines per tile, rotation amount, noise scale, and multipliers applied to the line coordinates.